China At Paléo

For the last 3 years, I have been avidly documenting the underground music scene of Beijing. From the late 2 Kolegas to Mao and Temple Bar, I’ve taken my camera to many of the dusty and beer-flowing venues of the city – capturing the sweat, the spirit and the crazy energy that was both on stage and in the audience.
 It’s always a joy to see more and more local bands tour Europe and the US to make their music heard and appreciated worldwide. 
When Swiss Festival PALÉO announced the line-up of their 2015 edition with a special focus on Asia, it was incredible to see no less than 7 Chinese bands scheduled to play at such an important festival in the heart of Europe, alongside historically relevant names such as Patti Smith, Joan Baez and Robert Plant.
 Such a rare event could not go undocumented! That’s why, with the invaluable assistance of the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing, I went to PALÉO Festival to photograph these 7 days of music and fun and keep a trace of this cultural exchange between China and Switzerland. For once, this was not about political or economic relationships but rather about culture, art and music, celebrating the youth and bridging the gap between two countries far apart, yet both burgeoning with talent and energy. These photographs are here to bring some of the exciting experience of Paléo Festival to Beijing and remind us all of the universality of music, as a mean to reach out and connect internationally and across all generations.

Day 0: The dome of the "Village du monde"
Day 1: The “Plaine de l’Asse” (Home to Paleo Festival since 1990)
Day 2: Zongcan (Tulegur) on stage
Day 2: Liang Long (Second-Hand Rose) on stage
Day 5: Nneka (Nigeria/Germany) on stage
Day 6: Song Yuzhe (Dawanggang) on stage
Day 6: Folk-legend Joan Baez (USA) on stage
Day 1: Chacha (AM444) on stage
Day 2 Backstage: Gangzi (Tulegur) and Wu Zekun (2nd Hand Rose)
Day 2 Backstage: Yao Lan (Second Hand Rose) trying on Tulegur’s belt
Day 2: Second Hand Rose relaxing backstage
Day 2 : Backstage Liang Long (Second-Hand Rose) & Gangzi (Tulegur)
Day 3: Backstage Hanggai’s tour manager writing down Hanggai’s setlist.
Day 3: Hanggai on stage
Day 3: Hanggai on stage
Day 7 : The Dome
Day 5: Audience at the Grande Scène
Day 5: In the late train back to Nyon
Day 6: Dragon dance by the French Chinese Community
Day 6 Backstage: Thai dancers at the Dome’s bar Backstage
Day 7: Louis Schwizgebel-Wang on the Grande Scène
Day 1: Rootwords joins AM444 on stage
Day 1: AM444 on stage
Day 2: A sound engineer working at The Dome
Day 2: Backstage Gangzi (Tulegur) and Liang Long (2nd Hand Rose)
Day 2: The sun shone on the festival
Day 2: Liang Long (Second Hand Rose) on stage
Day 2: Second Hand Rose on stage
Day 3: Wang Li on stage
Day 3: The dome seen from backstage
Day 3: Hanggai backstage
Day 4: Gangzi (Tulegur) relaxing at the Bain-des-Paquis (Geneva)
Day 5: Audience at the Grande Scène
Day 5: Getting the late train back to Nyon
Day 6 Backstage: Interview with Song Yuzhe (Dawanggang)
Day 7: Xiao Bu Dian (Shanren) on stage
Day 7 Backstage: Louis Schwizgebel-Wang
Day 7: Shanren Backstage
Day 7: Cooking at “La Ruche” (an area dedicated to street performance)
Day 7: Cooking at “La Ruche” (an area dedicated to street performance)
Day 7: Audience at the Grande Scène
Fireworks closing the 40th edition of Paleo Festival
Day 7: Nyon Train Station - Waiting for the last train back to Geneva.