Ever since my first visit to China, I’ve been surprised by the discrepancy between my impressions of the country and the representation that was made of it abroad. Although China is omnipresent in the news, every time I come home I’m taken aback to see how little people know about actual life in modern China. They are usually aware of the history of the country but often have a negative image of it today: pollution, disparity between dire poverty and unreasonable wealth, lack of freedom, and so many other aspects that have been amply documented. Many ignore that China also has a vibrant youth, joyful and life-loving, open to different cultures and always happy to experiment and try new things. With this project, I want to convey the creativity and emancipation of the youth, to show a side of China that people who haven’t had the chance to come here probably don’t know. This is about the youth and its nights out, its music, its beer, sweat and freedom.

This is the B-Side of Beijing, the unsung beauty of it.