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Born in France in 1979, Aurélien soon got fed up with the rampant chauvinism and decided to go see how green the grass was beyond the borders of the hexagon.

He spent his 18th year in Sweden and then went on to study and perfect the art of bohemian living in Naples, Italy, where he celebrated his 20th birthday drinking up Cinema History with a pint of olive oil.

Getting tired of skipping dinners to go to the cinema or to buy records, he decided to find a job that would allow him to make a living abroad. Undercover as a French teacher, he became a Whisky expert in Scotland, a grilled-octopus chewing master in Greece and a Vodka specialist in Russia. Possibly under the influence of the local dumplings, he stayed 2 years in Siberia where he met his wife who rescued him from drowning in the frozen lake Baïkal. He then moved to Wuhan, China, where he directed the documentary film "Of shadows and men" which premiered at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (USA) and made its way into various film festivals around the world. That project ended up leading a local troupe of shadow puppeteers on a tour in Brittany, France.

From 2011 to 2020, he was based in Beijing where he worked as an independent photographer with a deep connection to the world of arts and music.
His body of work is varied and ranges from documentary style to fine art and commercial photography.

His photographs have been appreciated both locally and internationally, in publications such as Forbes, Libération, Rolling Stone, Handelszeitung, Vision, VSD and for clients such as Burberry, Volkswagen, Durex and Parkview Green.
He is currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and available for assignments & projects worldwide.