Railway and Ming Wall

Went to a photography screening last night and the setting was really lovely as it took place on the old Ming City walls of Beijing in Dongbianmen park.
This is a view from the railway as seen from the watchtower.

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New article published: "Mumbai Rock Scene" in VSD

Last wednesday (2016.06.13) came out the #2029 issue of French weekly magazine VSD, with a 6-pages of my photographs of the Mumbai music scene and nightlife.
These photos were taken on assignment for the magazine in late december 2015 and I am glad the article is finally out so I can now share more images of this great time in India.
If you're in France, the magazine will still be for sale nationwide until the 19th.
Either way, you should soon be able to find the whole article in the PUBLICATIONS page of this very website.

During this trip with the journalist Olivier Richard, we had the pleasure to meet musicians and bands like Coshish, Sahil Makhija (Demonstealer/Demonic Resurrection), Sushan Shetty (Cosmic Infusion), Enkore, Anish Ramnath (aka DJ Sinista), Ob-Zain Warekar and many more. Unfortunately, only few photos could be crammed into the magazine, but rest assured...they will surface!
Love to all those we met and to everybody whose love for music keeps the heart beating.
You guys are the pulse of the nation. Peace!

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Beijing Unsung

I have recently updated the website with another photography series, also part of the project on the nightlife/music scene in various cities of the world. This one's about Beijing, where I've been based for the last 5 years.
The gallery can be seen at this link: http://foukography.com/albums/beijing-unsung/

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Aloha From Paris

French artist Niko De La Faye, wearing a rare piece from the "Aloha from Paris" collection, by designer Aloÿse de La Ronde.

Both artists are based in Beijing, China.

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Saumin Suresh Patel

Saumin Suresh Patel is an accomplished Mumbai-based artist, specialised in illustration and comics.
We met at the Mumbai Comic Con last decembre where I was immediately struck by the large prints he had on exhibit. With colourful gods and sensual women, his work was reminiscent of Manara and Klimt, yet also very personal.
After a brief chat about the prudish nature of Modern India despite its historical world-famous Kama-Sutra and his deep appreciation for French comic-artist Moebius, I told him I woud be interested in visiting his studio and take his portrait.
He kindly invited me to his home on my last day in Mumbai where we got an opportunity to discuss life and art at lengths and here are some of the photographs of that day.
If any media outlet has interest in publishing my interview/portrait with the man, please contact me. This artist deserves recognition.
His first self-published collection of erotic artworks called ‘Kaamotsav’ is available right here!

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Chris Stecher

Fellow photographer of the underground, Chris Stecher.
Chatting with Stech' over a couple of beers and the inevitable glass of Jack - shielding him from the clarity of the day, a singular character emerges from the smoke of his cigs.
Resolutely punk, his demeanour is the one of a beat poet and his photographs smell of the late-night spirit of venues where the rebel youth grows.

The man is like a rock, broken too many times but still made of the same stuff, still standing.

Chris happens to also be the man behind Précis Magazine.

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Late night


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